About NorCal Trippn'

Trippn’ curates unique experiences and getaways that help you break out of your routine without ever having to leave your hometown. We believe that the richness of experience, food, drink, and adventure in Northern California is without parallel anywhere else in the world and we are committed to sharing it.

Trippn’ is not just a tour company, but a group of likeminded people and small-businesses that have partnered up to support each other through social media, marketing, and other opportunities. Through this effort, our joint success allows our coalition of partners to grow together and support our communities. By traveling with Trippn’ or purchasing one of our Curated Boxes, you are supporting not only Trippn’ but our whole team of small business partners.

During the outbreak of COVID-19 NorCal Trippn’ is hosting a directory of local Sacramento businesses providing pick-up and delivery. (available here)