Frequently asked questions

What is NorCal Trippn' and why should I care?

In short, because we are building incredibly fun, memorable, and unique experiences designed for locals and visitors that want to experience some of the coolest things that Sacramento has to offer. We're a locally owned business that works to assemble the absolute best day trips, experiences, and take home boxes. We're focused on investing in the communities in our backyard through creative alliance building and want you to join us by coming on a great trip! Read more about us here:

What is a StayTrip?

A StayTrip is one of our locally oriented day trips. You won't need to travel far from home if you are in the Northern California area, so we swapped out "day" with "stay" to make it even more clear! All of our stay trips are all-inclusive -- INCLUDING TIP. You'll get a handy guide with your booking that lists everything that is pre-paid. You won't have to get your wallet out unless you're being carded for one of your included drinks!

What are Trippn' Exclusives?

Because we are known for curating awesome experiences with our StayTrips, sometimes we get the hookup on exclusive events and perks and we share them with you! The structure of each Trippn' Exclusives package can vary based on the unique event so make sure to read the details on the order page to get the full scoop.

Whats your Cancellation Policy?

All of our StayTrips are built in close coordination with locally owned small businesses and are customized for Trippn'. If you aren't able to make your originally scheduled StayTrip, here's the deets: Cancellations: 15+ Days: 100% refund minus 10% transaction fee Less Than 15 Days: 50% refund or rain check good for 6 months, your choice Under 7 days: No refund or rain check. ***IMPORTANT*** Almost all of our StayTrips have minimum bookings. If we are not able to to meet this minimum, the StayTrip will not go out for logistical reasons. We will contact you if the tickets sold for your time slot do not meet this minimum to try and coordinate a different arrangement. If we are unable to meet this minimum and we are unable to reschedule your reservation, we will refund your payment. To avoid this issue please consider booking a private tour. You can do this through the booking portal or by reaching out to us directly via email or phone.

I'm a local small-business owner, how do I partner with Trippn'?

Trippn' is defined by the fantastic community that we live in and we are so stoked that you want to join us in our effort! Partners are selected based on a variety of criteria, including their committment to their community, willingness to provide exceptional service, creativity, and others. To find out if you'd be a good fit for NorCal Trippn' and to express your interest email us at

What's this "110% Guarantee" on all Stay Trips?

We believe in overdelivering to you when you book with us. So here's the deal. If you are unsatisfied with your StayTrip AFTER going on it, we will refund your full amount PLUS 10%. We sincerely want to do better and expect excellent customer service from all our partners. To help us all improve and to receive your 110% refund please fill out the survey below for each participant that was unsatisfied. Refunds are issued on a person to person basis because we really want to know what didn't work. That's right, we'll pay you an extra 10% back for your feedback. CLICK HERE:

Why is there a Low Rider on the top of this page?

When our founder Jimmy worked for Sac Brew Bike, he would often see these customized cars driving around the Downtown and Midtown areas of Sacramento. These bright and colorful cars would usually be blasting classic oldies and the drivers were always happy to smile and flip the hydraulics on for fun. Community takes lots of shapes. For us it includes these guys.

Couldn't I build a trip like this on my own?

Absolutely. Here's our process that we use to build our StayTrips in case you want to try it on your own: Meet directly with the owners of all of our partners to screen them based on their committment to our local community, whether they are willing to build customized offerings for our guests, and negotiate rates based on these unique opportunities. We also test everything before we do it, but thats just one of the perks of the job. Curate an itinerary that includes at least four local businesses, identify transportation provider (if needed), select pick-up and drop off point, order food ahead so that it is ready when you arrive, prepay for drinks, food, tips, and other expenses for all your guests, and work with ride-share companies to provide credits so your group members can get home safely if they drink too much. Don't forget to send out the details to everyone in your group so that they have it on hand the day of your event and be ready to answer questions in advance. Make sure to include social media addresses and hashtags for all the local partners so that you can show each other some love while you are out on your trip. Don't forget the freebies or perks for your group, we believe in adding extra value to all of our StayTrips and they might be bummed if you don't. Sounds like a lot of work? It is, but we LOVE it. If you decide that you don't want to spend all this time and energy book a StayTrip today by clicking below -- we've got you covered: