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PRESS: Life in 16oz PodCast featuring NorCal Trippn' and Sac Brew Bike

Updated: Jun 19

Have you been wondering about what the hell we're doing with Trippn? You're not alone!

Listen to the Life in 16oz Podcast here (Segment Starts at 47:17)

Earlier this month I had a chance to sit down with Brandon and Paul of the Life in 16oz Podcast. We chatted about how COVID-19 totally screwed up our launch plans (they MAY have had to do some light editing with my "colorful" language), Curated Crates, how I fell in love with Sacramento and looked ahead to the exciting StayTrips that we've got coming up!

Check out the hi-jinks!

Listen in to our conversation by visiting any of your favorite podcast providers. You can hear the smooth, calming tones of my voice as I enjoyed a Breaking Bud IPA and chat it up with these guys. See if you can spot the selective editing around my swearing. Drop me an email (jimmy@norcaltrippn.com) with the specific *sound* they bleeped me out with and we'll send you a special discount code!

Partners mentioned on the Podcast include:

Book a local StayTrip here

Curated Crates and Spa-in-Place Baskets here

Listen to the Life in 16oz Podcast here (Segment Starts at 47:17)