• Jimmy Fremgen, Trippn'

Local Spots to Cool Off during COVID and 110* Heat

We are going to be in an absolutely BRUTAL heat wave in the Sacramento area. I’ve been working on convincing one of my best friends to move to Sac and this heat is not helping!

It is also going to be a tough week for restaurants and bars that have come to rely on outdoor dining to pay their bills. Here are five places where you can grab a cool beverage to go while still supporting local!

Keep an eye out while you are out of the house this week. It is especially tough to be outside for the elderly and people experiencing homelessness. If you see someone in need of medical help, please call 911. If you see someone that is overheating or may need somewhere to cool off, please tell them about these cooling centers available in Sacramento: https://www.capradio.org/articles/2020/08/14/where-to-find-cooling-centers-and-how-to-stay-safe-during-the-northern-california-heat-wave/

Get fresh and spicy with Gaspacho’s

Thinking soup? Think again with a huge selection of fresh fruit deserts, drinks, and paletas.

Recommendation: Try a Mangonada. This seasoned cup of mango goodness comes with a tamarind straw for a great combination of sweet and savory. Check out Gaspacho’s

The Snug: Visit the Beach (kinda)

The Snug has transitioned from cozy Irish Pub to the parking lot paradise of the Doobie Bar.

You’ll feel like you should strap on your Sperry’s before enjoying the yacht themed R Street spot.

Recommendation: As long as the all powerful Alcohol Beverage Commission (ABC) requires you to buy food with your booze, I’ll be getting the Kenny Doggins. Order in advance here.

Maya Taqueria: Quieres Margaritas para llevar con tu enchiladas?

Do you want margarita’s to-go with your enchiladas? Thought so.

Recommendation: In another vote for mango, get the mango margarita to go with your order. It comes beautifully presented and tastes even better. This is my favorite taqueria right now, family owned and incredible grub. The law lets you take drinks home, don’t be an idiot by drinking and driving. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Their website is inversely proportional to how good their food is don’t worry.

Tiger 700 Block: The Tiger Bottle Club

Your mom was right, you are special. These craft cocktails were bottled just for you.

Recommendation: Berry Berry Lemonade. Um, it's over 100 degrees and you have alcoholic lemonade? Yeah, one of those.

In all seriousness, between the whining about the temp and the desire to be inside to protect against COVID-19, some of our local restaurants are going to take a massive hit during any time it's miserable to be outside. We highly suggest supporting these and other local businesses during this crisis. Consider reposting their social media content, share the word about the unique and creative things that our local business owners are doing right now, or even go buy something! We’ll get through this together.

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