• Jimmy Fremgen, Trippn'

Trippn' Founder on Sacramento Looting and Violence

Statement from NorCal Trippn’ and GoCatuli Founder Jimmy Fremgen

As I sit in my midtown Sacramento home, I can hear the whir of the helicopters and planes that are circling looters in our neighborhood right now. OUR neighborhood.

The inner core of our city is imperfect to be sure, but it is an ever-changing tapestry of diversity of culture, experience, and people.

I was lucky to have found Sacramento in 2016 and it threw its arms around me during a period of my life when I was facing great uncertainty. For so many of us that can tell a version of the same story, it is time to return the favor by wrapping our arms around our city -- she needs us more than ever.

Let’s be unambiguous, the senseless violence, discrimination, and antagonism that has come to characterize too many interactions with law enforcement must stop. Immediately. The time came long ago, and technology has since caught up to ensure that no one should be permitted to practice brutality or any form of racism in our law enforcement. Police officers swear a sacred and a legal vow to the communities they police and that includes holding one another accountable. We are trusting you.

As a community we must stand strong, shoulder to shoulder, against any kind of rhetoric or acts that lead to violence and destruction. The rocks being thrown at police and windows at night will only distract from the brave voices in the daytime that called out for universal civil rights and an end to institutionalized brutality.

With every broken window shatters the hopes of one of your neighbors or friends. Perhaps a mother who would’ve returned to work this week but instead has to wait longer to earn a paycheck, or her boss, the owner of a locally owned small business that now has to start from scratch in supporting a community already straining under the economic burden on a pandemic. Theirs and the hopes of so many others, shattered like so many store windows.

Please also remember the police officers. The ones that did NOT fight back when rocks were thrown, who did NOT engage with people they knew were emotional and angry, and especially the ones that intervened with their colleagues that DID. Thank you for serving us the way we deserve to be protected – the way we expect to be. I am grateful to you and the loved ones that trust you to us.

Love your neighbor, regardless of the hat on their head, the badge on their chest, or the color of their skin, and we can all take steps together to use this moment to fuel an engine of change.

Our diversity and strength is to be celebrated and our differences and need for change are to be discussed peacefully. When the helicopters go away and the sun comes up, we must be stronger—together.

There’s another explosion nearby – what I can only imagine must be flashbangs or fireworks – what I HOPE must only be flashbangs or fireworks. It is the fifth one I’ve heard in the last hour. Please be safe Sacramento.

With Love,


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