• Jimmy Fremgen, Trippn'

We. Are. FINALLY. Open!

We. Are. OPEN!

I've been planning this project for what feels like an eternity and have been sharing it with anyone that will listen.

Then I launched - at least I thought I did. I sat on my couch on launch day, March 17, reading the news that the economy would be shutting down the next day.

It has been bizarre to be sitting on a business almost completely ready for launch and watch the world change around us so drastically. In some ways I have felt like a forgotten astronaut sitting on the launch pad for months with just a view out the window. All dressed up with no way to press START.

Well today the rocket is fueled, the fuse is lit, and I’m stoked to tell you why NorCal Trippn’ is so exciting right now.

Trippn’s mission is to create the absolute best mini day trips for locals, by locals. To help connect the new and long-time residents of Northern California to some of the absolute best locally-owned and community-oriented businesses. If you come out with Trippn’ you’ll know that your money is going to back into our local economy through people that are working to build this community.

So, what’s next?

We have more trips launching next week. Seriously. Check out the collage above for some of the amazing partners that have already signed on! Click or scan the name tag to the right to follow our Instagram for more details as we announce them.

Our region is home to some of the most spectacular food and wine in the world. Here, let me prove it to you:

This week we are celebrating launch with a Trippn’ Exclusive Date Night Package designed by Christopher Barnum-Dann, Head Chef of Localis.

There are some serious perks to living around the corner from a restaurant featured in the Michelin Guide.

I reached out to Chris to help kick off Trippn’ with a special package for our neighbors and he jumped at the chance. Click here to read the learn more about it and to order.

We are going to have lots of incredible things curated just for you. In fact, if you have stuck in here long enough, here is a promo code for you to use on future Trippn' products and experiences: BOOKWORM

Thank you for being an early supporter of Trippn’. Our partners and I are grateful for your support. Let’s make our city better together.

See you soon,